• Image of w/inc botanical ink
  • Image of w/inc botanical ink
  • Image of w/inc botanical ink
  • Image of w/inc botanical ink
  • Image of w/inc botanical ink

w/inc - organic botanical colours hand-made in small batches in riverside, cardiff.
using ancient methods and mainly locally gathered materials, this ink is very special.
the raw materials are foraged or from local / ethical sources, then processed gently and left to mature to extract the colour; when ready it's tested with pen and brush, and the finished ink is bottled up and packaged in glass with cork stopper.

oak gall is made with sustainably gathered welsh galls and local iron water. an ancient ink used for hundreds of years.

boisbleu is an ancient dye, from the heart of the bloodwood tree. The ink is rich purple.

my original walnut is made with local nuts. it's a rich deep brown in its natural state.

solstice has plumy logwood with juniper, rose and damson wood. a magical inc with oxidisation colour changes.

aur glyndwr is a warm spicy gold, using oxides from machynlleth, acorns from strata florida, monks turmeric and gorse flowers from the glyndwr way route.

indigo and walnut is a deep blue black, made with natural Indigo powder from India and welsh walnuts to add tannin and deepen the colour.

seasonal crops produce a limited supply of inks and so batches of colour are limited.
they're a water based natural product, so will settle and need a shake before using.

this ink is not suitable for fountain pens, but perfect for beautiful calligraphy, drawing, dip pens and brush work.
send me your favourite ink bottle to fill and re-label.
you can supplying your own ingredients, such as acorns, mahonia berries, galls and madder root.

here's more about how I developed my ink: www.catlewis.com/slow-writing/

as seen on UK BBC CountryFile.