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🌿 Connect with nature 🌿

These hand-dyed shibori eye pillows will delight and settle your senses. Recycled cotton, organic bamboo or silk cloth is hand-dyed with natural plant dyes, which aid sleep and wellbeing. Filled with UK grown organic flax seeds and hand-picked local lavender or chamomile. The weight of the pillow helps to restore and rest the eyes, and the plant aroma soothes and calms the nervous system. The whole process is 100 % chemical and toxic free.

To use as a cold pack - Chill it in the freezer for up to two hours to reduce swelling, sprains, for headache and migraine relief, to soothe tired puffy eyes, relieve stress and anxiety. Put the eye pillow in a sealable plastic bag. (The herbs and seeds inside should not get wet.)
Reduces puffiness around the eyes
Relieves minor headaches
Relieve sunburns and bruises

To use as a warm pack - It can be used at room temperature or can be heated in the microwave to strengthen the lavender aroma. Heat in the Microwave for 5-10 seconds to melt away tension. Test that the eye pillow is not too hot before placing on the eyes.
Help lessen insomnia
Relieve stress and anxiety
Promote overall relaxation
Ease dry eyes
Hand-dyed and sewn in Cardiff, UK.
Each pillow is unique as it is hand dyed and stitched and so will vary slightly.
Each comes in a cotton bag to protect it at home or while travelling.
Please state cloth preference as a note in your order.

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